Friday, February 26, 2010

Who is Louie Sulcer?

Who is Louie Sulcer?

It's a question everyone should be asking.

According to Apple, he's the customer responsible for the 10 billionth download from iTunes, and the winner of a gift card worth $10,000 in iTunes downloads.

The alleged song was Johnny Cash's "Guess Things happen That Way," a tragic-comic ode to good love gone bad.

The Oort Cloud is a big fan of the song, a catchy and kitchy 1950s country-pop shuffle. Here's a sample of the song's endearing understatement:

You ask me if I'll love another
I don't know, can't say
I don't like it, but I guess things happen that way

The Oort Cloud couldn't be happier for the song, which always struck the Oort Cloud as an unherladed classic.

This is great news for Louie, too, and for Apple. Not only is this an inochuous, lovable song, but so it seems is Louie, a 71-year-old grandfather of nine.

Apparently, he had never heard the song until sampling it on iTunes. According to Rolling Stone, Louie downloaded the winning song because "it had some really good pickin’ in it."

That's a good enough reason.

But imagine what Louie, or one of his nine grandchildren, or anyone else, could have downloaded for equally good reasons at that very same moment.

"I Kissed a Girl"

"Tip Drill"

"Cop Killer"

"Too Drunk to F***"

It sure worked out well for Apple.

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